The Board of Trustee of FALAH-E-MILLAT TRUST under the Secretaryship of Late. Dr. Jamil Ahmad Moazzami has established this institution in the name of his father Late Dr. A. Halim, and name Dr. Halim Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital in 1998 to Cater the need of Homoeopathic teaching and Medical services to the ailing humanity in general and vast Mithila region in particular. The Homoeopathic system of medical science is an acceptable, dependable, curative, proven system of medicine for the ailing humanity. It is proved that it has no side effect of any kind and moreover cures diseases rapidly and gently without any other stigma to the suffere. Late Dr. A. Halim was a dedicated Homoeopathic physician. Dr. A. Halim embraced Homoeopathic Practice throughout his long professional career strictly on the principle of this system of medicine. During the whole period of his practice he served and took care of needy and poor people of this area. He was also associated with socio-religious works. He rendered exemplary services as a member in the Bihar State Board of Homoeopathic Medicine, Patna being nominee of the State Government. The Trust decided to pay him a real ever lasting homage in existence.


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